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A message from the Club Fox


Club Fox will be closing its doors through April and beyond if necessary.  While we lament the circumstances, we feel that we’re doing the right thing for our fans (whom we consider our family and friends), our employees, and all the gifted musicians we all love so much. We gladly join our city, state, country, and indeed much of the world, in working to slow the spread of COVID19. We will be rescheduling cancelled shows ASAP. 

For our part, we will do everything we can to get through this. There will be immediate and real hardship ahead for all of us. But we know what live music means - we have spent years of our lives rocking out with you, pumping energy into the musicians who take thin air and turn it into magic. We believe in the power and meaning of it, and we believe in you. 

This is our church and we will fight for it.

More than anything, we hope that each of you finds your way safely through this struggle. And we hope that in the process, you hold on to what’s most important to you. When we recover, as a community, let’s rebuild together from the ground up. Small businesses, “labors of love,” places where you are greeted and appreciated, are under threat. These are the same places that politicians like to talk about to get your vote, but politicians are not the ones who will save us. You are! 

Just like you inspire our musicians to play out of their minds, you will inspire each other. We know this because we have seen your character, your passion, and your spirit. Music is a powerful language that we all share. It heals, provides relief, and shapes meaning into our lives. You are the ambassadors of that power. So please, play your instruments and crank it up while you’re at it, dig out your favorite recordings, sing to each other, help our angels (musicians) as best you can, and dance like your hair is on fire. You won’t be alone. 

This is not a time to step down, it’s a time to step up, together. To push through this crisis, to care for each other, and to rebuild what it destroys. Club Fox is proud to claim its place with you, the real rock n’ rollers, the champions, the ones who will rock again, up close, and live. 

We can’t wait to see you there!