About the jam

The Club Fox Blues Jam is heaven on earth for Bay Area blues fans.  Through the efforts of a passionate group of local musicians, the hospitality of the Club Fox and local sponsorship, the jam has become the most exciting event in the area's fertile blues scene - and it's attracted both national and international attention.  Most importantly, the jam is the catalyst for bringing out more and more blues fans to hear live blues at its spontaneous best.

Every Wednesday from 6 PM to 10 PM, the beautiful historic Club Fox opens its doors to the jam hosted by both the the elite of Bay Area Blues and touring artists like Terri Odabi, Lara Price, Daniel Castro, Kenny Neal, Steve Freund, Elvin Bishop, Annika Chambers, Kirk Fletcher, Shari Puorto, Alastair Green, Aki Kumar, Kid Andersen, Dennis Jones, Ben Rice, Tommy Castro, Rick Estrin, The Ford Blues Band, Volker Strifler, Andy Just, E. C. Scott, Terry Hanck, RJ Mischo and Mark Hummel just to mention a few.   What follows is a jam like no other.  For a mere $10.00 cover charge, folks get to experience some of the finest blues artists, national artists on tour, local luminaries and talented amateurs mixing it up. For the musicians, it's an opportunity to play the blues with peers of unbelievable talent.  For the fans in the 240 seat capacity crowd, it's an amazing show every week with new talent and the unpredictable excitement that only a blues jam can bring.

If the music were not enough, appearances at the jam provide an unparalleled promotional opportunity for artists with upcoming area gigs. The buzz following the jam in the highly active local blues community often results in sold-out shows for participating artists. If you are a touring blues performer, drop in and you'll not only get a chance to "cut heads" with the best but also get the word out about your upcoming gig. If you are a member of the blues entertainment media, you'll experience a jam session like no other . 

We invite you to come to jam and be a part of this phenomenal event, unequaled since the hay days of LA and Chicago blues.

Join us for the music and be a part of Bay Area blues history.

Jam-Master Vince Caminiti 

Vince is the architect behind the success of the jam. While he's been playing guitar since he was 14, like so many other blues musicians, work and family sent him away from making a living in the blues. The result was countless nights spent at jam sessions both in California and all around the country as he traveled on business, guitar in hand. He experienced the ugly, the bad, and most significantly, the incredibly good session when the chemistry between great musicians created blues magic. So from the jams humble beginnings, he recognized the opportunity and the magic that might flow from a truly pro session where the musicians were free to concentrate on the music without the need to "herd the cats" and do the behind the scenes work of running a top-notch session. At the the Club Fox Blues Jam he lines up the best of the Bay Area's blues bands and then fashions every session and every line-up to draw out the best from the abundant Bay Area blues talent. He's also the founder of The Golden Gate Blues Society and plays regularly in his own band, Featprints - a Tribute to Little Feat. Part conductor, part hall monitor, part PR guy and a pretty damn good guitar player, Vince has his hands full - and he's loving it!