Musicians' Info

  • Don't bring amps or drums.  We've got'em - good ones, all mic'ed through the house system. Bring your axe, pedals, cords, stix, etc.  The house band may or may not have a harp amp and /or keyboard set-up so bring yours and we'll tell you whether you need to schlep it in.
  • You've got to sign-up to play. The turnout can be pretty large, so get there early. Sign-up sheets are on the table in front of the stage. The host band leads things off until 8 PM, followed by the jam sets until 10 PM.  The host band returns and the night's a wrap at 11:00 PM.
  • To get the best line-ups for each set and the best music for our audience, players are matched up by the jam master. Be aware that the order in which musicians play does not follow the sign-up order.  We do try to get everyone up, but there are times when it just won't happen.
  • While the jam is open to all players, the level of musicianship at the jam tends to be oriented toward more experienced semi-pro and professional musicians. If you are just starting out, it's a great place to hear the blues played well, but it is not the best place to woodshed your skills.
  • This is a CONTROLLED VOLUME jam.  Our audience has told us over and over that loud ain't happening, so heed the instructions of the jam master when it comes to volume levels. Besides, we've got an engineer and pro sound reinforcement so we will make sure you are heard in the house and on the stage,  Players who do not respect our directions on performance levels will be asked to leave the stage.
  • Follow the jam master's directions on line-ups, the number of tunes, etc.  Sometimes we have to pick up the pace and shorten the sets to get everyone through.  Depending on the turnout, visiting pros, etc., we can get between 3 and 5 lineups (20 - 30 players) through in an evening.

Finally, at most importantly, to play the blues...
Play like you have something to say, not just something to prove