3rd Anniversary

Tommy Castro

A few of the players

Most of the photos are by "Mr. Wonderful" a.k.a. Joe Lempkowski. The rest by other fans including Gale Chavez and Ray Figueroa.

More video from the jam

Steve Freund (guitar & vocals), Jackie Payne (vocals), Walter Jebe (guitar), Eddie B. (bass), Steve Fogel (drums) & Jimmie Smith (keys)

Kenny Neal (vocals), Mitch Woods (keys), Kenny Blue Ray (guitar), Greg Heumann (harp), Rene Solis (guitar), Steve Edmunson (guitar), Wayne Carter (drums), Ray Figueroa (bass)

Volker Strifler (guitar), Daniel Castro (guitar & vocals), Andy Just (harp), Don Bassey (bass) & Willie Jordan (drums)